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P.C. Party Girl Events
(386) 586-2954
2 Ripcord Ln.
Palm Coast, FL
WELE 1380 AM Radio
(386) 677-4122
432 S. Nova Road
Ormond Beach, FL

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Exceptional Weddings
(386) 586-0523
7 Roxton Place
Palm Coast, FL
Let'S Play
(386) 447-7798
5 Utility Dr Ste 1
Palm Coast, FL
Genesis Hair Design
(386) 445-7456
7 Old Kings Rd Ste 4
Palm Coast, FL
1 Amazing Event
(386) 569-9273
Seminole Woods
Palm Coast, FL
Elegant Events
(904) 797-2352
3940 Barbara Ter
Saint Augustine, FL
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Coquina Lanes
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11 Old Kings Rd N
Palm Coast, FL
Palm Nails
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130 Palm Coast Pkwy NE
Palm Coast, FL
Fred Astaire Dance Studio Palm Coast
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160 Cypress Point Pkwy
Palm Coast, FL
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It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding!

As wedding season approaches, I thought I would share some pearls of wisdom with bubbling brides-to-be; ) As some of you may or may not know, I was a wedding and event planner for many years. And as of a few months ago, I planned & put on my own wedding! I took what I learned over my years in the biz and put it all together with our limited budget to host the most eco-friendly and affordable weddings I had ever planned. If I do say so myself, it was quite beautiful and I missed none of the elements that come with a large and expensive event. So I figured I would share some insider tips and secrets with you in the case that you or someone you know is headed down the aisle and is frantic about finances and/or their carbon footprint ; )

  • Plan Ahead & Be Flexible - I’ve planned many weddings within all kinds of time frames. From a couple of years to a couple of weeks. Depending on the size and style of your wedding, you may only need a few months but I typically advise on a year. Especially if you are looking for a specific date or venue, in which case I advise 18 months. This is why I say, be flexible. More often then not, the perfect date and/or venue will not be available at the same time so be sure to have options. And a lot of times, getting 1 and or both come at a premium cost. Consider an off day like a Friday or a Sunday, as well as an off season date. Many venues have lower rates on off days and seasons so try to plan around those dates to get the best possible rate in your dream location. Also, think outside of the box. Traditional venues come with many rules and stipulations that can either jack up the cost of your day or force you to use vendors that aren’t at the top of your list. In my instance, we chose to do our ceremony at a park overlooking the ocean. We had our guests stand, created an aisle with flower petals and let the scenery be our decor. Price tag – $0. Afterward we had some champagne with our guests, sent them on their way to dine and freshen up while we took our photos, making it back home just in time for our backyard reception. Lucky for us we have a fun patio complete with a tiki bar but if you’re looking for affordable, consider asking a friend to use their house or yard for the reception. It can be their wedding gift to you. Stringing up some market lights will do wonders to a backyard, making it look simple and elegant for the cost of dinner & a movie, if not less. We saved time, a ton of money, frustration and added to our eco-karma by not renting chairs or having anything delivered. So again, be flexible with your times, dates, themes, etc. because you may be surprised at how great it turns out if you give yourself some options ; )
  • Pool Your Resources & Get Creative – There are many elements to a wedding: flowers, music, dresses, food, photos, videos and on and on. And having been a part of the wedding world for almost a decade, I will tell you that as...

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Summer Lovin’

If you haven’t noticed, summertime is wedding time. One of my many hats is that of a wedding planner so I definitely get my fill come fall be it from working them or going to them ; ) And it is very difficult to stay healthy at such events but have no fear as the healthy, voyaging, event planner is here to help ; )

The trip is exhausting enough as flights or road trips are an excuse to eat fast and convenient. Then you get to the hotel and eat a nice, expensive, in room meal that is most likely greasy and eaten at an ungodly hour. Fast forward to wedding day where you spent all morning getting ready so all you had was coffee and maybe a starchy bagel. You arrive at the glorious event famished so you gorge on hors d’oeuvres and alcoholic beverages. You pick at your lame and tasteless chicken or fish or for us veggies, cold pasta, and you feel like a cow come the bouquet toss. Sound familiar?

Here are a few tips to keep your trip to, at and from the festivities enjoyable and guilt free:
∗ Pack enough protein bars for the flight/ride, wedding day and trip home. Cliff bars and Luna bars are yummy and Vegan!!
∗ If you are stuck at an airport, there is always a food court that has some kind of place to get a sandwich or a salad that you can order your way. Smoke may come out of the fast food person’s ears but just ask and they will do it with proper instruction. I know it’s easy to run to Mcd’s but take an extra few minutes to scour your terminal. A lot of ports have “Chili’s to gos” now and you can great a salad there or my personal fave, a black bean burger with all the fixin’s (sans cheese). If you are running late, don’t!!! Plan ahead, eat breakfast and get there on time!!
∗At the hotel, try to resist temptation and instead of ordering room service, find the local grocery store, get a cheap cooler and stock up with veggies, fruit and sandwich stuff for dinner and breakfas...

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FL Wedding Laws

All Regularly Ordained Ministers Of The Gospel Or Elders In Communion With Some Church, Or Other Ordained Clergy, And All Judicial Officers, Including Retired Judicial Officers, Clerks Of The Circuit Courts, And Notaries Public Of This State May Solemnize The Rites Of Matrimonial Contract, Under The Regulations Prescribed By Law. Marriage In Florida Is Regulated By Florida State Statute 741. This Domestic Relations Law Enumerates The Requirements For Obtaining A Florida Marriage License. According To Statute 741, There Is No Residency Requirement To Get Married In Florida Either On Behalf Of The Individuals Marrying Or The Wedding Officiant. Same Sex Marriages Are Not Permitted But Marriages Between First Cousins Are. A Couple Under The Age Of Eighteen Must Obtain The Permission Of Their Parents And Submit Additional Paperwork To The County Clerk Of The County Where Their Nuptials Are Being Performed. Florida Marriage Laws Specify That, "Any Ordained Or Licensed Clergy, Justices Of The Peace Or Notary Publics May Perform A Legally-Binding Wedding Ceremony." Florida'S Domestic Relations Statute 741.07 Does Not Require The Officiant To Be A Resident Of The State Of Florida. According To The Statute, "Persons Authorized To Solemnize Matrimony Are All Regularly Ordained Ministers Of The Gospel Or Elders In Communion With Some Church, Or Other Ordained Clergy, And All Judicial Officers, Including Retired Judicial Officers, Clerks Of The Circuit Courts, And Notaries Public Of This State May Solemnize The Rites Of Matrimonial Contract, Under The Regulations Prescribed By Law." This Includes Ordained Ministers In Or Outside The State Of Florida. Thanks To These Statutes, It Is Possible To Become A Priest Or Minister With The Universal Life Church Monastery And Perform Legally-Binding Marriage Ceremonies In Florida. An Ordained Minister Will Need To Supply The County Clerk With A Copy Of His Or Her Ordination Certificate. Quakers Are Also Empowered To Perform Wedding Ceremonies According To Their Own Religious Traditions. In Order To Get Married In Florida, Couples Must Obtain A Marriage License. The Documents Required For A Marriage License Include A Valid Government-Issued Photo Identification Card Such As A Passport, Driver'S License, Birth Certificate Or Permanent Green Card. If You Have Been Previously Married, The County Clerk Will Also Require You To Provide The Date Of Your Divorce Or The Date Of The Death Of Your Previous Spouse. If You Have Only Been Divorced For Thirty Days Or Less, The County Clerk Will Require That You Submit A Certified Copy Of The Divorce Decree Or The Death Certificate Of Your Spouse. A Florida Marriage License Is Valid For 60 Days. There Is A New Policy According To Florida Statute 741.0306 That An Engaged Couple Who Completes A State-Sanctioned Marriage Preparation Course Will Not Have To Wait Three Days After Obtaining Their Marriage License Before Marrying. A Couple Who Completes The Course Will Also Receive A Discount On The $93.50 Fee. This Marriage Preparation Course Outlines The Rites, Responsibilities And Duties Of A Husband And Wife To Each Other, Their Children And Both Their Obligations If They Divorce. After The Ceremony, Florida Marriage Laws Specify That A Copy Of The Florida Marriage Certificate Be Filed With The Department Of Children And Families In Jacksonville, Florida, Within Thirty Days. Tying The Knot In A Florida Wedding Ceremony Can Be Very Romantic. There Are Many Wedding Officiants Who Are Willing To Perform A Wedding Ceremony In Beautiful Locations Such As Pristine Beaches And On Cliffs Overlooking The Ocean. The Universal Life Church Monastery Can Provide The Wedding Officiant While A Myriad Of Wedding Planning Services Can Help Engaged Couples Determine The Location. Same Sex Wedding Law: To Perform A Marriage In Florida You Need To Be Ordained And May Be Required To Provide Proof Of Ordination Such As An Ordination Credential , Wallet Credential , Or A Letter Of Good Standing From The Church.