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Jon Robert Tiessen, DPM
(360) 679-3117
Family Foot & Ankle Care , 1100 S.W. Bowmer St. #103A
Oak Harbor, WA
Timothy E. Messmer, DPM
(360) 293-4585
Northwest Orthopaedic Surgeons , 1017 20th St.
Anacortes, WA
Randolph Anderson, DPM
(360) 424-0002
120 N. 18th St.
Mount Vernon, WA
Anisa S. Pea, DPM
(360) 848-4120
Mount Vernon, WA
Northwest Veterinary
(360) 629-4571
8500 Cedarhome Dr
Stanwood, WA

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Regina L. Currier, DPM
(360) 678-3121
Foot & Ankle Clinic , 412 N. Main St.
Coupeville, WA
Stephen J. Miller, DPM
(360) 293-8683
Anacortes, WA
Cindy E. Bullock, DPM
NorthwestOrthopaedicSurgeons , 1500ContinentalPl.
Mount Vernon, WA
HealthSource of Stanwood-Camano
(360) 547-7198
7104 265th St NW, Ste. 115
Stanwood, WA

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Parker Way Veterinary Clinic
(360) 424-7387
1515 Parker Way
Mount Vernon, WA

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How to Have Red Carpet Ready Feet


With entertainment awards season in full swing, celebrity fashion, hair styles and makeup are being analyzed everywhere in the media and social circles. But what do the stars do to get their feet in shape for that long walk to potential glory on heels that make them look as tall as skyscrapers and with straps that bond their ankles like gladiators (and look as painful as being ripped apart by lions)? As internationally renowned podiatrist, podiatric surgeon, author and leading foot expert Dr. Suzanne Levine knows, it takes more than just a pretty coat of toe nail polish to survive tabloid “do’s and don’ts” and strut down the red carpet looking flawless from head to toe.

“In my estimation, it should be toe to head,” says Dr. Levine. “Your feet are the foundation of good health,” she continues, “and if they hurt your entire body falls prey to physical and mental side-effects that can lead to more serious problems like knee, hip and back injuries along with foot fractures about which you may not even know.”

Eighty percent of Americans have something wrong with their feet and 62% do nothing to correct these problems. You may not be destined for Hollywood, but you can’t go anywhere in life if your feet are in pain. The following tips will get you walking with effortless style by the time Oscar comes to town!

1. TREAT YOUR FEET LIKE YOU WOULD YOUR FACE – “We tend to pay less attention to our feet, because we don’t look at them every day in a mirror,” says Dr. Levine. “But feet can tell you many things about what’s going on systemically in the rest of your body through vascular health, nail discoloration, nerve conduction, swelling, diminished temperature and biomechanics alone.” Women (and men) spend thousands of dollars a year on skin care products and services for their face but relatively nothing on their feet. Dr. Levine recommends a foot facial to patients for the ultimate therapeutic treatment. This procedure includes expert nail cutting and removal of calluses with razors and tools that are surgically clean to prevent bacterial or fungal infections as well as acid peels, deep moisturizing masks and a kin check for foreign bodies. Visuals : tools

2. GET REGULAR TUNE-UPS – “Your feet are our most important means of transportation,” says Dr. Levine, “so why don’t we treat our feet as well as we treat our cars?” She recommends daily and weekly treatments for both men and women. ”Use a pumice stone or file on calluses every time you take a shower, wash and moisturize your feet thoroughly everyday. File your toe nails weekly to keep them from getting too long, and if you get monthly pedicures, make sure the fa...

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