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Space Walk of Jacksonville
(904) 646-5867
3218 Peach Drive
Jacksonville, FL
Musical Ear Entertaiment Inc.
(904) 881-4980
P.O.Box 77557
Jacksonville, FL
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Concert Promotions

Flaire Weddings and Events
(904) 352-1832
2362 Gilmore St, Ste 2
Jacksonville, FL
Professional Valet Parking Systems
(904) 273-9980
A 1 A North
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Crazy About Balloons
(904) 237-0403
85348 Sagaponack Dr
Fernandina Beach, FL
Coastal Moonwalks & Inflatable Games of Jacksonville
(904) 403-2388
1414 Millcoe Road
Jacksonville, FL
Visionz Of Success
(904) 504-5589
P.O Box 2333
Jacksonville, FL
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Avalon Concierges
(904) 803-8010
13820 Old St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, FL
Taylormade Services
(904) 908-8721
6848 Alcona Court
Sight and Sound Productions
(904) 645-7880
11193 St. Johns Industrial Parkway North
Jacksonville, FL

Best Birthday Bashes

What does everyone have once a year? A birthday! For some, they’d rather just chalk it up as just another day but for others, it’s grounds for mega celebration. But with time and money being less then available these days, it can be tough to pull off an extravagant affair. However, there are plenty of ways to get creative while also catering to your healthy & green lifestyle. I’ve pulled together some fun ideas for every age group that will not only dazzle your guests but will save you money as well as your conscience ; )


Ok, let’s get this straight, toddler birthdays are really for the adults. So while we celebrate these bouncing bundles of joy, we need to be sure we’re keeping our adult guests entertained as well! The next few ideas take care of both types of party goers ; )

  • Fashion Forward – Have all guests bring used and unwanted child garments and throw them in a bin. While the little ones are playing with toys in a sandbox or ball pin, artsy parents jazz up the onesies, tops and pants for their little ones with glitter, appliques and other fun decor so everyone goes home with a little memento that costs little to zero bucks! Any parents who happen to be shutterbugs can do “portraits” of the birthday baby & their guests as a fun way to show off the newly created threads and leaving the birthday parents with a nice memory to hang on the wall.
  • Team spirit – Get each family invited to choose a team name & uniform for an Olympic style party. Host fun toddler games like a crawling race or baby sac race for older kids. Parents can cheer their kiddie team mates on while also partaking in some fun contests as well. Plus everyone gets a turn to stand on the winner’s podium for a fun photo op they can take home.
  • Non-Slumber Party – Nix the sleeping part and invite everyone over for a healthy breakfast buffet and movies. The only rule, all guests come in their Pj’s!


This is where they get fun. Themes are hugely popular (as are easily distracted attendees). What to do to keep kids happy and entertained without breaking the bank? Check it out:

  • Drama Queen – Have the birthday child of honor pick a play or musical they love. At the party, have them cast & staff the production. Be sure to have a bin of clothes for costumes as well as materials for sets (cardboard, markers, etc). The parents get treated to a fabulous show when they pop in to pick up their kiddies at the end of the night. This model works well as a talent show too!
  • Party Parade – Not to far from the play production theme, the kids make costumes and floats. Before cake and presents, the kids put on the parade around the block that just happens to be lined with parents and other party attendants.
  • Rough it – Your backyard becomes Yosemite or Yellowstone. Invite guests to bring tents and camping gear for a night filled with ghost stories b...

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Have A Safe, Healthy and Eco-Friendly 4th

Besides the fireworks, the grilled veggie burgers and hanging out with friends by the pool, celebrating the 4th without red , white and blue themed snacks is a no no! When else do you get to eat and drink that most glorious combo of patriotic colors? I’ve complied a few safe, healthy and eco tips to add a little “green” to your 4th as well as some recipes that will complement the boatloads of bbq and beer you may be consuming throughout this festive weekend:

  • Plan ahead on where you will be spending the 4th and see if you can carpool with friends. Check online for the nearest fireworks site and either take a romantic stroll or bike there to save gas, parking frustration and to burn off the days grub!
  • ay no to home fireworks and sparklers and opt for other colorful decorations like ribbon streamers (maybe even home-made recycled newspaper ones!). And maybe even have a chat with your local fireworks authorities- they might be willing to look into using Sekon biodegradable fireworks next year (the gunpowder-free “air launch” technology that Disney now uses).
  • If hosting a party, opt for reusable dishware. You can even ask guests to bring their own plates, utensils and glasses! But if you’re not in the dish washing mood and want to conserve water, opt for eco-friendly, 100% compostable dishes, napkins and utensils instead.
  • Buy local, organic produce for your salads, snacks and grillin’!
  • Recycle! Beer bottles, soda cans, etc – be wise and have a well labeled recycle bin placed in a convenient location at your party.
  • Grill green! A solar powered grill is the most eco-friendly way to grill, but if that’s not an option for, opt for a natural gas grill instead of a charcoal one as it burns cleaner. And if you don’t have an outdoor space, invest in an indoor grill or a nice grill pan!
  • Be sun smart and wear sunscreen! opt for an organic, vegan and all natural brand for optimum results!
  • Make smarter drinking choices ...

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